Road trip (1st of 2021)

So with excitement we went one our first roadtrip this weekend. It was so nice to be away from the house and it was sunny.

For those who have read my backstory you will know that I lost my father in 2015. Well for fathers day, a couple of years ago, I requested a tree to be planted in honor of him through the Woodland Trust.

For my donation, I got to write a poem and received a certificate which I can display and look at, anytime I want.

So yesterday (Sat 24 Apr) we set off to go visit the Glencharnoch Wood in Carrbridge.

What a beautiful drive we had, up through Elgin where we stopped for a coffee and cake. We found Coopers Park, which was stunning. So much green space and a lake 💙. Murphi enjoyed her self barking at other dogs and sniffing around. It was a beautiful pit stop and the fact it was so sunny was a bonus.

We arrived in Carrbridge around lunch time and had a wonderful picnic before going in search of the trees which had been planted around 2 years ago.

In honor of PRL 💙

I felt very relaxed as I searched for the 2 year old trees and hoped one of them would ‘speak’ to me. Murphi was also enjoying running through the woods.

And YES, before anyone asks we are always responsible owners and had Poo Bags ready if needed!

I got a sign and choose the tree that I would, in my mind, tag as Dads

Now obviously I don’t know for sure as they don’t put up signs to keep the place natural. But I feel happy just deciding on the tree and knowing I could come back and visit next time.

As a sign, I tied, loosely, a ribbon round the tree and will be interested to see if its there when I go back.

I’ll probably take some ribbon with me each time 😊

If this is something you’d like to do for a loved one then have a look at the link below.

Glencharnoch Wood – Woodland Trust – Dedicate a Tree

It certainly gives you somewhere to visit time and time again.

As I close this post today I will, once, again post the dedication for my dad.

A tree to grove tall and strong,
To provide safety for all
creatures large and small
To remind me of you Dad, Always,
I love and miss you every day.

Thank you for reading, till next time

Toni x

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Wife, furbaby mom, Funeral Celebrant

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