Children and Loss

Just be aware that your child may be struggling with the loss too. It has been known that depending on the age of your child, it will depend on how they deal with that loss.

Did you know that depending on the age of your child(ren) it will depend on how they deal with a loss? I thought this was the case but to actually understand the differences is immense.

  • between 0-2 years tend to have no understanding and they can be aware that the someone has gone and of peoples emotions;
  • between 2-4 years may struggle to understand that death is permanent and want to know when the family member is coming back;
  • between 5-10 years they tend to have a lot of questions surrounding the death, so although they are aware they will struggle with the concept
  • in adolescence you may find that your child(ren) are experiencing intense grief and are not willing to talk to anyone about it.

So if you have recently, lost a family member, whether parent, sibling, partner or pet please be vigil and ensure everyone’s emotions are taken in to account and no-one is ignored.

Everyone grieves in different ways.

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