Pet Services

This page is directed towards the services that I offer for Pets, which includes memorials and funerals etc…

Children and Loss

Just be aware that your child may be struggling with the loss of their furry friend. It has been known that depending on the age of your child, it will depend on how they deal with the loss.

What can you do?

Pets are family too and they deserve to be remembered.

Not everyone is aware of the options that are available to them in order to create the perfect service for your loved one’s final journey.

How about one of the following in memory of your loved pet:

  • planting a tree;
  • adding plaque or statue in their favourite place;
  • creating a memory box;

You can have a memorial service or a scattering of the ashes service. These kind of services can help with the healing especially if you have young children who will not understand where their friend has gone.

I can help you navigate these decisions and make this service the very best for your beloved pet.

Below is a flyer of what services I offer.

Useful resources

Below are some resources which are available for you should you be struggling with the loss of your pet

What I can Offer?

I know its a difficult time when your beloved pet passes away and therefore I offer the following services:

  • Uplift from Vet and transfer to home or Pet Crematorium;
  • Uplift from Pet Crematorium and brought home;

If this is something you are thinking about, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me by email on or by completing the Contact Me form

Pets are family too
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