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My purpose: To help those who  have lost their anchor whether father, mother, brother, sister, child or furbaby and to help them heal.

Who is Toni L Gibson?

My Story

I lost my anchor in 2015 and since then I have been floating around not understanding what my purpose in life was.  I was and always will be a ‘daddy’s girl”, but since his passing I have been lost. 

I didn’t remember a lot of dad’s service, we had a Humanist and although I remember laughing as she told dad’s story I was numb. I never wanted to feel that way again, ever.

In 2019 I lost my ‘Guardian Angel’, my cat Ben or KB as we came to know him. Some may not understand this, and its ok, but he was my Angel. Through losing dad and the break up of my marriage Ben was my Rock.

He knew when I was sad and came and gave me a hug or just to put a paw on my arm. He was my bodyguard too and when a new man came in to my life, he sat staring at him before jumping up on his knee (which he never did). It was confirmation that this was a good match.

So you see I felt that numbness again when I had to help him cross the rainbow bridge.

I now have 3 more angels and through this pandemic have been what’s kept me sane.

Whilst scrolling through Facebook I came across a post of a friend who had done her training with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. After a quick message I realised that this was something I wanted to do. 

I had found my purpose… to help those who have lost their anchor , whether human or animal, to navigate their darkest times and help them heal.

Since doing my training I have come across Dads ‘story’ which was written and told at his service.  Through tears I read it and it made me smile.  It cemented my passion and confirmed I had found my purpose.

So now you know “my story”, if you would like a bespoke and unique farewell to your loved one.  Whether you want religious, spiritual or Humanist I can help.

I can provide support, empathy, kindness and warmth at a time when you need it.

Let me be your voice to tell their story and start the healing.

Thank you for reading.

My Dad
If I could write a story,
It would be the greatest ever told.
I'd write about my dad,
For he had a heart of gold.
My dad, he was no hero
Known around this world.
He was everything to me,
For I was his baby girl.
I'd write about the lessons.
He taught me right from wrong.
He instilled in me the values
That one day I'd be strong.
He taught me to face my fears,
Take each day as it comes,
For there are things that we can't change.
He would say what's done is done.
He would say hold your head up high,
Carry yourself with pride.
Thanks to him, I am somebody,
I will never run and hide.
If I could write a story,
It would be the greatest ever told.
I'd write about my dad,
For he had a heart of gold.
Original by: © Vicky Frye Adapted by me
Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/my-dad-5

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