Tomorrow is never promised.

So as you know this is a new venture and I posted on my Facebook page the following post.

Its ok to cry picture with goldfish

It gave me a really warm feeling that my post actually helped them with a recent loss.

Ultimately that is my plan that I can help with peoples grief.

Remember it is OK to not be Ok

I was watching The One Show on Tuesday night and was shocked that its been 28 years since Stephen Lawrence was brutally murdered. During a interview with Stephen’s brother, Stuart, while he was talking about the loss of his older brother he said some words which I found very profound… “tomorrow is never promised” and that we should live each day to the full.

I feel that this is something that we all should aim to adhere too. I know I am going to try and do this. Since my father has passed, I must admit, I have ensured that I do what I want to do.

Another piece of advise I took from Stuart’s interview was to ensure that you make the most of those you have in your life just now. Say the things you want to say and do the things you want to do. You will regret it when they have gone. Trust me!

Sorry this was just a short post, hopefully a more substantial post once the exams have finished 🙂

Enjoy your Wednesday people.

Thanks for reading

Best wishes

Toni x


Happy Easter everyone

So my site is now “live” and I am filled with dread but overall with excitement. I wanted to add my first post to (a) explain the logo (if you don’t get it) and (b) to describe my journey to this point.

The Logo

So the logo is made up of three silhouettes (1) me (2) Benny and (3) Scamp. It is to, hopefully, show that my new vocation is for the entire family, including the animal members.

My journey

To be honest I am not 100% sure of how I got here, it does feel like a complete dream but now that I am I feel calmer than I have ever been before. The anger I had from losing my father in 2015 has subsided and I do feel a kind of peace. It is hard to explain really and some of you who know me, will think “what tosh”. But all I say to that is, you are entitled to your own opinions. 🙂

For the first time in 30odd years I feel I have found my purpose.

My Purpose

As a funeral celebrant I can write a truly unique and bespoke eulogy for your loved one and help with the whole process of funeral arrangements (if needed). You will be able to read the story of your loved one and make any changes you wish, add poems, readings anything really. This is your farewell to the family member.

So this is just a short first post to let you know, it is me, I have not been taken over, this is real.

Thank you for reading

Toni x