A quick review

So Friday was our final morning to wake up to the beautiful surroundings of Lossiemouth. It’s sad, but we are glad to be going home so we can come back again 😆

We started off with out usual morning walk along the beach, which was a breathe taking as always. It’s certainly my happy place.

Dunes complex

Although we never used the complex this time apart from Supper on Thursday night and Breakfast on Friday, I did have a nosey inside.

I was welcomed by Andrew, who looks after you in the pool area. He gave me a wee tour of what the pool looks like and where the sauna and steam room are.

Would also like to shout out to Stacey, Caroline and Kat from the Dunes complex, all very accommodating.

Due to COVID regulations the amenities need to be booked on the Silversands App (which you can download for IOS and Android).

It was so nice to be home though to be around my cats too, thankfully the sun seems to have followed us.

So thank you to all who have followed our first Staycation. Its back to the proper job now.

Thank you for reading, until the next time.


Published by Toni Gibson

Wife, furbaby mom, Funeral Celebrant

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