Where to today?

This morning started of as the others with a lovely walk along the beach to the coves.

I do hope I can keep this ritual up, if not for my health but Murphi really enjoys it.

As we got to the coves to head back i was struck by the rock formation. It looks like a face looking out to the ocean.

Makes me wonder what these coves could tell me if they could talk. Did smugglers use these coves to land?

After a quick pitstop we jumped in the car, excited for the next adventure.

Love National Trust

Our first stop was at Brodie Castle, we saw the brown sign and decided to visit.

Brodie Castle

The place is stunning and it allows doggies (as long as on a lead).

There is a very nice little coffee shop round the back of the house. I’d recommend the Carrot cake it was delicious.

The gardens weren’t in full bloom unfortunately but it gives us a reason to go back.

Our next stop on the NTS which is available in this area was the Culloden Battlefield.

Its the 275th anniversary of the battle, so I felt it appropriate to visit.

Leonach Cottage

I didn’t feel it appropriate to take photos, apart from this quaint little house.

Its the second time I have been and I still find it eery.

I need to find out if Buchanan or a branch were involved in the battle.

History lesson

Apparently Clan Buchanan was a relatively small clan and due to its proximity to Clan Campbell they decided to not take part in the battle. They would have been taken over by Clan Campbell if they tried to join the jacobites. Source

Don’t you love history, or maybe its just me. Now I am away to research the clans a bit more.

Thanks for reading, until next time.


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