Day two!

So we had a great night, Murphi settled and we woke to another beautiful day.

Outside our window

After breakfast we went for a walk along the beach. I could really get used to this every day!

Whilst walking along the beach we came along what looked like rubber bands on the sand. Check out the YouTube link.

Thanks to a friend I found out they are called lugworm/sandcasts. Every day is a learning day.

Family came to visit and we had a lovely walk along the beach. Even had a paddle in the sea, it was wonderful to get my feet wet.

There was a fair amount of air traffic this afternoon. You can just see it whilst Daisy was playing

Daisy and the Jet

Now its time to relax before we think about supper. I am thinking GF fish and chips.

Thats it for now. Thanks for reading, until next time.


Published by Toni Gibson

Wife, furbaby mom, Funeral Celebrant

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