What I have learnt?

I have just pressed SUBMIT on my final assessment of the Grief and Bereavement Diploma with the Centre of Excellence. I have received my results for Modules 1 – 8 which just leaves Modules 9 -11. I have really enjoyed this course and my take home message from this study is to Be Kind and patient with those who have been bereaved.

That is certainly common sense to a lot of, but you will be surprised the amount of people who are not Kind and/or patient with the bereaved.

I was surprised at how significant the differences in grieving can be between the ages of children the differences are quite remarkable.

For example I wouldn’t have thought that a Baby [0-2] would have understood what had happened, but they do in a way. They know there has been a significant change due to the way the adults are acting. So if you have had a bereavement and your baby starts to cry more, become agitated and “fussy” then this may because they are picking up on the emotions of the family unit. So don’t ignore then, cuddle them more and it should hopefully help you both.

If you check out my “Children and Loss” Page you will find that I have written about this more and how you can help your children.

I also learned that getting the bereaved to create a Memory box or express their emotions using Art or writing. These are therapies that I thought were just things I wanted to do when my father passed. But they are actually therapies the professionals use.

So if you are bereaved and can not seem to communicate your feels, then sit down with a piece of paper and write a letter or poem to the lost family member. Or pick up your paint brush, if inclined, and paid your emotions.

These ideas may seem silly and strange to some but the memory box especially is something that I found hard to begin with but easier as you keep adding to it. Only this morning I was brought a photo which would have caused me distress at one time but now makes me smile.

And on that note, thanks for reading, until next time.


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