Education, Education, Education

As you meander through your life, you never realise, as a child, that the learning does not stop after University and it continues as you get older, through CPD and ‘on the job training’. And from my point of view I seem to have a thirst for new knowledge more now.

With this in mind I completed a very interesting, and some might feel macabre, free open course with the OU, called “An Introduction to death, dying and grief“. This in turn has taken me on to find another two which I will have a look at when I have some spare time. (Living with death and dying & The medicalised context of bereavement).

As part of this course I got to use the Life or Death Decisions tool, I was in a word shocked that in the scenario I worked through the wishes of the patient were being ignored despite it being written down! Makes you wonder if what the patient wants is actually taken in to account or whether the Doctors and family members take over.

The tool is really very good and gets you thinking about what you would do if you were in that position. Why not give it a go and see how you get on?

Upon reflection, I would say make sure you have your wishes written down and let everyone including health care professionals know your wishes.

A taboo subject

I feel that with my new venture I need to have all the information to hand and not be afraid to talk about Death and Dying. Through reading the first course I found, and agree, that there is a taboo with discussing and talking about death. But if we don’t do this then how are we going to know and understand the wishes of our loved ones?

Do we actually know what our loved ones want? Have you sad down and spoken about your requirements, songs, dress code etc.? I find myself reflecting on this quite a lot at the moment.

Even more so after the Scenario tool (Life or death decisions), if you can’t follow the wishes of your loved one with their care then at least ensure you follow their wishes about their death and their funeral service.

Now before anyone jumps up and down, I am not saying that I agree with Assistive dying. To be honest I don’t know enough about it to have a proper debate about it, apart from the fact it is illegal in the UK. But part of me does believe that everyone is entitled to have a “good death”, whatever that means to you.

So on that cheery note I’ll finish this post here. Thanks for reading, until the next time.

Toni x

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